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“It Takes A Thief” Copper Dipping Dog. 
Copper dipping dogs originated in the 1800's in Scotland. Distillery workers crafted dipping dogs to lower into casks to steal whiskey. The dipping dogs, attached to a chain and secured to the workers' belts were concealed in their pant legs. The thieves could then easily take a drink on the job or sneak it out!  
                    Attached to a chain, always by one's side, and man's best friend-hence the name, dipping dog. Handcrafted with sterling silver welds, our fully functional dipping dogs are perfect for any whiskey enthusiast. 
appx. 9'x1 1/4" holds 6oz

"It Takes A Thief" Copper Dipping Dog

SKU: 8347249751125488
  • handcrafted solid copper with sterling silver welds  measures appx 9'x1 1/4"

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